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EcoPoly Solutions State of the Art Lab

EcoPoly Solutions Inc is proud to be the first “full service” plastics/oxo-biodegradable Laboratory and Manufacturing facility in the world.


  • Physical Testing
  • Analytical Testing
  • Biodegradation Testing
  • Eco-toxicity (Terrarium) Testing

Below are just a few names of Universities and Organizations that have partnered with our lab for research and development. We love making new connections and developing a better tomorrow.


We Love Our Lab!

Our lab is the FIRST of its kind, in our field, designed and developed to this extent, under one roof. Our Lab is an absolute WORLD CLASS FACILITY, designed with quality, top of the line research equipment that allows us to substantiate claims in the field. Our Lab is a leading edge, dedicated biodegradable plastics lab encompassing Physical testing, Analytical Testing, Biodegradation testing and Eco-toxicity testing. EcoPoly Solutions is the perfect choice for your business. It’s loaded with professionals ready to help you and your business become more sustainable. Contact Us Today!

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Cottage Country North of Toronto

625 Harvie Settlement Road, Orillia  Ontario L3V6H2

Phone: +1.905.967.9800 Web: www.ecopolysolutions.com





EcoPoly Solutions is eager to make your plastic products more sustainable!

What's Happening? Take a look inside our Lab. We provide a full circle service for all your plastic products. Whether your business requires retail plastics (shopping bags, garbage bags, etc.) or agricultural supplies (mulch film, hay wrap, etc.). Most importantly, we are experts in going green – we specialize in biodegradable plastics! Our state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratory has been developed to facilitate testing and support for our customers, while also following all ASTM standards established for the biodegradable plastics industry. We manufacture in a controlled environment and with our enhanced automation the results are a continuous batch process allowing for maximized quality in all of our products. EcoPoly Solutions will be at the forefront of the plastics industry and we ensure that our clients are immediately aware of any changes to the market. This aspect will allow us to achieve the highest quality end result for you and your customers. If required, we will be able to anticipate and provide any changes in formulation to our clients as the market and our research continues to develop. We are proud of our developments in biodegradable plastics and look forward to providing you with environmentally-friendly solutions. Having found your way to our [...]

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